Monday, October 26, 2009

Will San José Pimp Their Own Pods?

ABC KGO has a report on pod plans for PRT in San José :

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(If player doesn't work, go to the website)

ULTra is featured zooming around in computer-generated videos... no mention that the launch of ULTra at Heathrow 5 has been postponed twice.

Laura Stuchinsky, Sustainability Officer, San José Department of Transportation appears and gives a rave review for PRT (also on the ATS ULTra PRT vendor website here).

Bill James is also in the video, the JPODs guy:

Bill James also tried to sell Jpods in Minnesota... here's a video featuring Bill James... watch for Minneapolis City Council President Barbara Johnson sitting in the Jpod with the "Support the Troops" ribbon:

Here's Barbara Johnson's pod-praising letter to Bill James from the Jpod website (click to make larger):

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