Friday, September 24, 2010

San Jose Podcar Conference Newsletter & Website Features PRT Plan by Convicted Felon

The website for the Podcar City conference in San Jose October 27-29, 2010 has a page devoted to the recent PRT workshop last month. If you go to the bottom of the page, next to a photo of MnDOT Commisioner Thomas Sorel, there's a PRT map with the following description:

Minneapolis Personal Rapid Transit Map Legend (a Concept Plan) Map submitted by former Council Member Dean Zimmermann.

Under the map is the following contact info (redacted for this blog):

Comments or questions can be directed to the author:
Dean Zimmermann deanzimm@****** 612-***-****

The map shows a plan for a 68 station PRT system serving downtown Minneapolis and some high density housing area to the south. The PRT Web Area would serve the densest housing area in the entire State of Minnesota.

Not mentioned is the fact that Dean Zimmermann was convicted on 3 counts of bribery in 2005.

The Podcar conference newsletter also has the map and contact info for Zimmermann.

Click on the screenshot to make it bigger:

In addition to taking bribes, Dean Zimmermann tried to convince real estate developer and government witness Gary Carlson to invest $250,000 in PRT:

Last year, I videotaped Zimmermann protesting reality-based transit and promoting Personal Rapid Transit at a transportation forum. Zimmermann gave me a tortured explanation for accepting cash from FBI witness Gary Carlson and refused to sign a waiver for the FBI tapes shown at this trial:

Members of the LRT-hating/pod-promoting Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit (CPRT) also spread the nonsensical conspiracy theory that Zimmermann was framed:

Learn about the trial of Dean Zimmermann and more at the Minneapolis Confidential blog.

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