Sunday, August 7, 2011

Would-Be PRT Vendor "Preparing a Citizen Suit" Against the State of Minnesota

Pod promoter Steve Raney posted this email on the Transport Innovators forum to Tom Sorel, Transportation Commissioner for the State of MInnesota:

Hi Tom

We have refined the summary of the 28th Amendment as a basis to end government monopolies over power and transportation infrastructures. We are preparing a citizen suit in which we will name you and the State of Minnesota for blocking privately financed solar-powered mobility networks. It would be much better if Minnesota will allow such networks.

Unless you have some means to guaranteeing access to affordable gasoline, as noted in the summary of the 28th Amendment, the decay of the oil-powered economy seems likely to kill about 8 in 10 Americans over the next 20 years. Geology is slow and relentless. We can preempt the crisis by becoming self-reliant and ending our oil addiction.

Please consider that if people die, the civil aspects of the citizens suit should be expanded to criminal accountability. People are already losing their homes because DOT mandates oil as the lifeblood of our economy.

Bill James

Steve Raney comments:

The large CC line maximizes the number of client-side Minnesotans that are antagonized. I am not aware of an example of this bizdev approach

Here's the CC list:

rom: Bill James []
Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2011 3:11 PM
To: Sorel, Thomas (MnDOT) Cc: Feit, Dennis (DOT); Ariene McCarthy (Met Council); Arseneau, Bernie (DOT); David Pesch (Olmsted County); Eric Sorensen (Winona); Ferrol Robinson (UMn); Gina Baas (UMn); Paulson, Greg (DOT); Meyer,
Jean M (DOT); Jeff Ellerbusch (Olmsted County); John Levin (Met Council); Karl Keel (Bloomington); Buckeye, Kenneth (DOT); Gutknecht, Kevin (DOT); Hernandez, Kristine J (DOT); Laurie McGinnis (UMn); Marisol Simon (DOT); Schweyen, Michael (DOT); Michael Sheehan (Olmsted); Schadauer, Michael (DOT); Thakur, Mukhtar (DOT); Succio, Nelrae (DOT); Representative Tina Liebling; Senator Gen Olson; Stephanie Malinoff (UMn); Henkel, Tim (DOT); Tony Knauer (Rochester); Venkat.Pindiprolu - FTA;

Bill James is the JPODS guy. Listen to Bill James talk about JPODS :

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