Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Senator Torrey Westrom (R) Promotes Personal Rapid Transit at MN Legislature Hearing Yesterday

Former Representative, turned pod lobbyist Mark Olson would be pleased to hear his Personal Rapid Transit  boondoggle mentioned by Senator Torrey Westrom (R) during yesterday's Transportation and Public Safety Committee hearing for the confirmation hearing for Charles A. Zelle, our new MnDOT Commissioner.

As loyal readers of this blog will recall, the former MnDOT Commissioner flushed thousands of dollars down the drain on PRT which according to the pod people caused Sorel some unpleasantness. PRT has no chance in this legislature as the previous post explained. But the MNGOP has become the party of really bad ideas and they seem determined to return PRT to the mix this year.

Senator Westrom, in a rambling question, seemed to suggest PRT was some sort of "reform". Westrom mentions the "moribund" Taxi 2000 Corporation.

Can we expect Taxi 2000 lobbyist Ed Cain (also lobbyist for fraudster "Bobby Thompson") to return to the legislature to promote PRT? How about pod booster extraordinaire Congresswoman Michele Bachmann?


Other political pod news comes from New Hampshire by way of Rep. Steve Smith:
Today, the Transportation Committee voted down my bill to create a committee to determine what NH needs to do to allow this new, green, personal mobility solution to come to NH. I can’t help but think that I failed in presenting the idea well enough. I’ll take another crack at it when it goes to the House floor. I’m not asking for money. I’m asking only that 5 people spend some time meeting with the builders of these systems, and other folks knowledgeable about them to see if we can move NH forward and enable disadvantaged and disabled folks the freedom to get where they need to go.
Here's a video of Rep. Steve Smith endorsing another brilliant idea - Herman Cain for POTUS:


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