Monday, March 8, 2010

Layoffs at UAE National Means More PRT Hype

Dubai Media Observer reports on layoffs of editors at the UAE National:

Sorry for the delay with getting a post up on this. Lots of people leaving, we're told at least fifteen staff have been fired or resigned over the past month...

The result it seems is even more absurd PRT puff-pieces like this and this.

The puff-piece about ULTra's so-called inventor Martin Lowson has this prediction:

Lowson’s creation is already up and running at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, where it will begin ferrying business passengers between their cars and the terminal midway this year. In all, 21 vehicles will be operational at the airport, with half a million passengers a year expected to use the pods.

"Midway this year"? How about "later this year"... how long can the PRT guys keep kicking the can pod down the road?

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