Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jack Slade's Sky Trax Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Video

Jack Slade is a PRT inventor with a dream... and an attitude:

Some people on the list probably think that I am one of the most out-spoken SOB's they have ever heard of.

He sure is... here's the out-spoken SOB inventor's rant about passengers shooting terrorists with bullets "dipped in pig blood":

Terrorism and Transportation Choice
Thu, 2010/02/04 - 12:00am

Dennis, we went through the whole buildup of aviation mostly in the years 1945 to 2000 without having to restrict firearms on aircraft.

During thise years, can you name me one problem that ever occurred, or one persin that was ever injured? If you can, it certainly did not ever get published in the aircraft accident and incident reports that I was reading constantly during that period.

Lesser of 2 evils....which would you prefer,(1) a trained, armed, passenger or (2) a terrorist who has total freedom to kill everybody on board? If you really want to put the fear of Allah into these terrorists, you should make it be known that ALL your bullets have been dipped in pig blood. All the Military bullets, too.

Jack Slade

Here's Jack Slade's video of his Skytrax PRT model:

Jack Slade got himself onto the list of would -be PRT vendors on the City of San Jose website:

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