Sunday, February 14, 2010

Would-Be PRT Vendors' Creepy Comments on Gays, Bicycling, Portland, Guns and Muslims

Jerry Roane at the Transportation Innovators forum on the ATRA website:

Sun, 2010/02/14 - 6:40am

I did some more study on why Portland has an affinity for little bicycles and why they resonate with Washington DC money givers. There seems to be a naked bike ride they do and they had the first openly homosexual (male on male) mayor. This money is being passed out to the constituents. It has very little to do with mobility. The naked bike ride looks more like a men's locker room than 800 randomly chosen citizens. Portland is not even a metropolitan city. It is in a metropolitan area but the city is only 1/2 million.

Jerry Roane

Jerry Roane is the "inventor" of the TriTrack PRT.

Roane Inventions Incorporated of Georgetown, Texas is one of the would-be PRT vendors listed on the City of San Jose website.

Also on that list is Jack Slade who has some creepy things to say on another topic in that same forum on the ATRA site:

Terrorism and Transportation Choice
Thu, 2010/02/04 - 12:00am

Dennis, we went through the whole buildup of aviation mostly in the years 1945 to 2000 without having to restrict firearms on aircraft.

During thise years, can you name me one problem that ever occurred, or one persin that was ever injured? If you can, it certainly did not ever get published in the aircraft accident and incident reports that I was reading constantly during that period.

Lesser of 2 evils....which would you prefer,(1) a trained, armed, passenger or (2) a terrorist who has total freedom to kill everybody on board? If you really want to put the fear of Allah into these terrorists, you should make it be known that ALL your bullets have been dipped in pig blood. All the Military bullets, too.

Jack Slade

Keep it klassy, PRT dudes!

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