Saturday, February 13, 2010

PRT and the "Minnesota Drearies"

Transit Pulse, Vol. XXIV, No. 5 January/February 2007 (PDF)

Minnesota Drearies

The Santa Cruzans for Responsibly Planning (see page 2) started as a Citizens for PRT organization somewhat modeled after a group in Minnesota that started up in 1995. According to Dick Gronning of the Minnesota group, activities are dwindling and membership is down. The Minnesota Sierra Club and other environmental groups are pro-LRT, judging their Hiawatha Line as a great success and often dismissing PRT as a right-wing conspiracy.

Jeral Poskey has left Taxi 2000 and relocated back to the Silicon Valley. Taxi 2000 is busy but quite. Ed Anderson also remains quiet these days. A pro-PRT Republican legislator who bucked the Democrat landslide last month is in trouble over charges of domestic abuse.

Gronning thinks that Minnesotans, following their offshoot friends in Santa Cruz, should refocus on a multi-modal approach.

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