Monday, February 22, 2010

Does Senator John Marty Still Support Personal Rapid Transit?

"To the Point!" Apple Pie Alliance, March 20, 2000:

$30 million for Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). This is a very promising, but still untested Minnesota technology that would be much less expensive to build and operate than LRT, while delivering passengers to their destinations faster. $6 million would be used for final engineering studies and development of a prototype of PRT. After completion of the engineering study, the state would be able to invest the remaining $24 million to construct one or more local PRT systems. (PDF):

Stongest Supporters in the Minnesota Legislature
Rep. Torrey Westrom
Rep. Ray Vandeveer
Rep. Bruce Anderson
Rep. Peggy Leppik
Sen. John Marty
Sen. Roy Terwilliger

Margaret Anderson Kelliher in Session Weekly. April 23, 2004 (PDF):

I have a great concern about the PRT project - the word "boondoggle comes to mind.

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