Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uppsala Green Party and the Spårbilslobbyn (PRT Lobby)

Comment on article - "Decision on spårbilar (PRT) postponed" (Google translation):

Risk Project

Agree with previous writers in the trams and trolley buses are a better system of Uppsala. It needed an upgrade of the public transport system!

Unfortunately, this systematic delays of the PRT lobby with Niclas Malmberg at the forefront. Malmberg has damaged both the Green Party and Uppsala with his passion for an untested system that is now at risk of cold Swedish state of 700 million.

Friend of order to question whether it is right that the state pays a private company's development costs.

By: Eric Thärnström,

A blog post at YIMBY by Eric Thärnström (also Google translation):

The Green Party's Niclas Malmberg has long pursued the PRT in Uppsala. We have a test track from Vectus, we have received several suggestions on PRT in the media, and trace the taxi has now picked up in Floorplan 2010th Malmberg has also pushed for a full-scale test facility in Boländerna. But now, suddenly changing the MP side.

MP, in its opinion to the Master plan in 2010 chose to say no to the PRT, and we can thank the new President Mary Gardfjell for. The opposition makes common cause, and believe that PRT should certainly be tested but that there should be Uppsala's future public transport. Thus says the opposition Christian Democrats, together with definite no to the PRT, and definitely yes to the trams. Hopefully, it will accelerate efforts to upgrade the city's public transport when the choice of system is already clear.

In retrospect, one wonders what would have happened if the tram instead received the same attention as the taxi track. Trams are relatively uncontroversial and in discussions about how it would affect the urban environment is a lot to get in Uppsala's history. It is clear that we did not have a "decisions concerning the selection of systems" as late as the 2015th Now, instead of up to officials if we get an upgrade of public transport or not. It would not hurt if they were equally clear that the opposition is now.

By upgrading to the trams, we can hope for a denser urban construction in our existing neighborhoods so that we can improve services, access to quality green space and conditions for new and interesting meetings.

The post links to this video.

What's with the Greens and the Spårbilslobbyn?

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