Monday, August 2, 2010

Winona Tea Party Candidate Reaffirms Opposition to Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Co-founder of the Winona Tea Party Patriots Joshua Chasco is running for an at-large seat on the Winona City Council, The Winona Daily News has Chasco's position on PRT:

Chasco is also against the city's pursuit of Personal Rapid Transit, which uses small, pod-like vehicles on guideways to shuttle passengers to their destinations. He said the project will come with few guarantees, a likelihood of high costs to the city and the possibility that property owners' rights could be impacted, he said.

Chasco is on the ballot in the August 10th primary. The two top vote-getters will be on the ballot in November.

Mayor Jerry Miller, a Republican is a PRT promoter. The City of Winona will likely be participating in the August 18th MnDOT PRT workshop.

Once again, here's a list of recent pod flops and fiascos:

Taxi 2000 lobbyist and Bachmann pal Ed Cain also lobbied for the phony U.S. Navy Veterans Association charity.

"Columbia [Maryland] failed to win a federal grant for a futuristic PRT that would have allowed riders to board driverless cars, key in their destination and proceed nonstop along elevated guideways." - Columbia Flyer [ ]

ULTra PRT Heathrow Debut Postponed a Fourth Time.

No $25 million earmark for PRT pork project in Winona, Minnesota.

The Swedish/Korean PRT prototype malfunctioned recently in front of the media.

The Masdar PRT (actually computer-guided golf carts that follow magnets imbedded in the roadway) has been scaled way back, This setback got a mention in the NY Times and confirmed in this Bloomberg article.

The much-hyped PRT project in Daventry ended in fiasco.

The so-called Morgantown PRT (it's a mundane people-mover) was the subject of a student newspaper editorial after a malfunction created a "fireball" and filled a vehicle with smoke. The cost of fixing the Morgantown boondoggle is $93 million.

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