Friday, August 6, 2010

Daventry Express: "Councillors see pods in action at Heathrow Airport"

That's the headline in the Daventry Express, but Councillor Chris Over doesn't evince much excitement:

"Generally speaking it seems to be a good system. It is well-suited to Heathrow where there is a constant stream of people heading to different places.

"We will need to look at it again once it is being used in volume. And it is only one transport option being looked at for Daventry.

No mention in the article why the ULTra PRT June launch was scrubbed or why the Daventry District Council continues to promote PRT after their previous attempts to bring pods to Daventry ended in fiasco.

Once again, here's a list of recent pod flops and fiascos:

Taxi 2000 lobbyist and Bachmann pal Ed Cain also lobbied for the phony U.S. Navy Veterans Association charity.

"Columbia [Maryland] failed to win a federal grant for a futuristic PRT that would have allowed riders to board driverless cars, key in their destination and proceed nonstop along elevated guideways." - Columbia Flyer [ ] )(yes, this is history, but new info for this blog)

ULTra PRT Heathrow Debut Postponed a Fourth Time.

No $25 million earmark for PRT pork project in Winona, Minnesota.

The Swedish/Korean PRT prototype malfunctioned recently in front of the media.

The Masdar PRT (actually computer-guided golf carts that follow magnets imbedded in the roadway) has been scaled way back, This setback got a mention in the NY Times and confirmed in this Bloomberg article.

The so-called Morgantown PRT (it's a mundane people-mover) was the subject of a student newspaper editorial after a malfunction created a "fireball" and filled a vehicle with smoke. The cost of fixing the Morgantown boondoggle is $93 million.

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