Monday, August 9, 2010

Would-Be PRT Vendor & MnDOT RFI Respondent: "politicians just mind their backsides and have no imagination"

From New Zealand:

When a rail link to the airport was on the Auckland Regional Council transport committee's agenda three weeks ago, Mikosza emailed councillors from Poland with details of his system and an offer he thought they would at least acknowledge.

By the time a railway line to the airport has been researched, designed and built, PRT would be well established around the world, Mikosza claimed in his email.

"PRT is 10 to 50 times less expensive than any rail for the same capacity. And PRT can be built much quicker, requires almost no land, less planning, is faster, safer and profitable in operation," he wrote to the councillors.

His tone might not have endeared him to the councillors - "spending public money on inefficient, deficit-running systems ... is not something that is good to be remembered for" - but Mikosza thought his offer of the system, free of licensing costs, could have earned a response.

But the silence "confirms that politicians just mind their backsides and have no imagination".

Keep it Klassy, PRT guys...

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