Friday, December 10, 2010

PRT on Facebook

Just received this hilarious email:

I'm sure you've received a sizable amount of emails regarding your anti-PRT stance. Add this one to the pile.

I won't try to change your opinion, nor will I try to change your anti-PRT religion. Both would obviously be futile. What I would like you to know is that the costs of what we have now are far too great and current public transportation will not enjoy forever its taxpayer-supported funding bounty. In the end, your side will lose because it is far more costly, far less convenient, and by any measure of ridership it has consistently failed to reach an adequate percentage of the population (unless you're talking about ultra-dense cities like New York). Let's face it, light rail and buses are doomed to pass away into history. The economy and the mood of the taxpayers to continue to support a failed system is growing thin.

I offer you best wishes through what will in the coming years be a greatly trying time for you and your light rail funders. I feel sorry for you that you picked the losing side, nobody likes to lose, but those are the facts.

PS: you do not have permission to use any of my words or information in any way shape or form.

A non-loyal (never again) reader of one of your columns.

I hate to disapoint Tom B., but I don't get a " sizable amount of emails" about my "anti-PRT stance". In fact, I hardly get any emails from pod people. There is a very, very small number of grassroots PRT supporters.

Let's see what's on Facebook....

Personal Rapid Transit for Auckland has 34 friends.

Personal Rapid Transit Information Blog has 2 friends

Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit has 10 friends

Personal Rapid Transit has 5 friends.

Personal rapid transit has 0 friends.

Personal Rapid Transit has 100 members.

The Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit page have only 20 members.


Now let's see how many friends conventional transit has:

MN needs more Light Rail!!! has 338 members.

Transit for Livable Communities has 892 friends.

And there is even a Facebook page opposing PRT in Daventry with 84 members.

One big reason why PRT is so unpopular (besides the fact that it doesn't exist and never will) is pod people like Tom B. can be so... unpleasant.

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