Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Will MnDOT Commissioner Sorel Continue Promoting Personal Rapid Transit?

Steve Berg at MinnPost:

Minnpost: What's your reaction to Gov.-elect Dayton reappointing Tom Sorel as transportation commissioner?

Frank Hornstein:
He's a breath of fresh air at MnDOT and a good advocate for a multimodal approach to transportation. The only complaint I have is that he has embraced PRT (personal rapid transit) in a way that's not helpful. It's something suitable for an amusement park and a distraction from the bigger challenges we face.

With Republicans in control of the MN legislature, there has never been a better opportunity for the PRT hucksters to get a PRT bill passed.

MnDOT wasted a considerable of $$$ on PRT 2009-2010. MnDOT sponsored a ridiculous MnDOT "workshop". The usual crackpots, hucksters and backyard inventors showed up... even convicted felon Dean Zimmermann showed up at the workshop. Here's a bunch of pics from the MnDOT PRT Workshop. A while back, MnDOT announced plans for a "PRT Alliance":

MnDOT has not responded to my emails asking whether the department will continue promoting PRT.

Here are more recent examples PRT fiascos:

Masdar and Heathrow PRT Still Not Happening.

The Pawlenty administration wasted at least $150,000 on personal rapid transit .

PRT Conference Newsletter & Website Features PRT Plan by Convicted Felon.

PRT is so not happening at Heathrow.

Daventry says "Pods Off!".

Video: Bill James Pitches Jpods Resolution to Hennepin County.

Federal Funding Nixed for Winona Personal Rapid Transit Project

Taxi 2000 lobbyist and Bachmann pal Ed Cain also lobbied for the phony U.S. Navy Veterans Association charity.

ULTra PRT Heathrow Debut Postponed a Fourth Time.

No $25 million earmark for PRT pork project in Winona, Minnesota.

The Swedish/Korean PRT prototype malfunctioned recently in front of the media.

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