Monday, January 4, 2010

Candidate Jeremy Miller's Position on the Winona Pod Project

Jeremy Miller (campaign website) wants to represent Senate District 31 which includes Winona. Sharon Erickson Ropes is the current senator of SD 31. Here is Miller's position on the Winona pod project:

The State of Minnesota is facing a $1.203 billion dollar deficit for the current biennium and $5-6 billion for FY 2012-2013. Early estimates on the 2010 bonding bill are already upwards of $1 billion; this is before the 2010 session has even begun. The State of Minnesota has a serious crisis on our hands, and it must be dealt with in a fiscally responsible manner.

The PRT project is an innovative idea that could potentially work in Winona; however not at the taxpayer’s expense. I heard there are a few private investors interested in moving forward with the project, even if public funding falls through. I would support this endeavor. I am a strong advocate of private sector development/ investment, and I support tax incentives for private funding on any project that encourages investment and creates private jobs in Minnesota.

My stance on federal funding is the same.

I have also asked Senator Sharon Erickson Ropes and GOP candidate Paul Ibisch for their position on the Winona Pod project.

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