Thursday, January 14, 2010

PRT Promoter David Gow Insists on Misrepresenting Congressional Candidate's Position on PRT

As I reported in this post, David Gow, who manages several PRT websites, PRT blogs etc. continues to claim that Congressional candidate Marcy Winograd supports PRT.

I have re-checked by email with the candidate and I can affirm again that Marcy Winograd does not support PRT.

Dear Ken,

I removed all references or recommendations for the PRT from my blog posts after learning more about the PRT as a boondoggle that wasted taxpayer money. Initially, I was excited about it as evidence that aerospace can move beyond weapons manufacturing into rapid transit, but after realizing that the PRT was an inefficient investment and waste of taxpayer money, I deleted all references to it from my postings.

Thank you,

Marcy Winograd

PRT promoters are misrepresenting the facts in support of a project that would cost taxpayers many millions of dollars... and that is a very serious matter.

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