Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ULtra PRT is Testing... Testing... Testing....

A recent BBC article titled "Futuristic transport for Cardiff still on hold" asked the question:

Is this the future of public transport in south east Wales? Will it ever transfer from a test track in Cardiff Bay to the city's streets?

The answer is no.

A decision by the Welsh Assembly in January 2003 to withdraw £8m of financial backing for the scheme effectively shelved the project to the dismay of Cardiff council.

But seven years later a report by the Assembly's Enterprise and Learning committee in January 2010 has called for the fresh consideration of light rail systems in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport to tackle road congestion.

However, the report makes no reference to the system the Assembly had previously supported.

Why? Here's a clue - two screenshots from the ATS ULTra website that explain the problem:



The 2006 ATS ULTra website said this:

All of the key aspects of the technology of the ULTra system have now been demonstrated.

So why are they still testing... four years later?

How may chances do the PRT guys get?

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