Friday, January 8, 2010

Emails From the PRT Guys

This is an email from Larry Fabian of The Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) responding to my post about would-be PRT vendor Jack Slade's suggestion that I should get a job cleaning toilets:

Yes, the PRT field is full of flakes and wannabes. I have no idea who Slade is. Let me know if you find out.

And the dude in Hartland WI. That's close to you.

Roane is a quirky one too.

I'm sorry Larry, I can't keep track of all the backyard inventors who claim to be PRT vendors. Geez, there's like a gazillion of them on Jerry Schneider's website.

This is an email from Michael Carrato of Buffalo, New York, responding to the previous post:


I just wanted to thank you for your recent posts mentioning my name. Maybe it's vanity, but I'm really happy I revealed myself to you and I get a little thrill every time you mention me. Maybe I'll even get my 15 minutes out of this! :-)

And BTW, now that I revealed myself, I'm still waiting for our debate to commence. Wasn't that the reason you listed for not debating me? So, are you ready to debate??

Also, what's going on with the whole Mark Knapp thing? Surely you realize that your association with him all those years is pretty damning, right? And aren't you supposed to be some sort of investigative reporter? How could an investigative reporter spend so much time collaborating with Knapp and NOT be aware of his illegal activities? Either you aren't a very good reporter... or you were in on it! I'll assume the latter, since I already know that's true. :-)

Oh yeah, and what about the 17-year-old named Chris? Who did you really think I was before I revealed it to you? I have to go dig up those comments where you were calling me Chris; they were hilarious for me then, and they can be hilarious for everyone now!

Happy blogging, and keep putting my name out there!

Mike Carrato aka Mike C aka ATren aka A Transportation Enthusiast


Actually, Mr. Carrato is the only person who thinks I knew about Mr. Knapp's alleged criminal activity before he was raided. Even people in Corvallis, Oregon were surprised:

Mary May, the office manager for the managing partner of apartments, said that the allegations against Knapp took her and others by surprise. "He paid his rent. He didn't cause problems," May said.

If Mr. Carrato has evidence that contradicts what I have told authorities looking for Mr. Knapp, Mr. Carrato should bring that evidence to the U.S Marshal immediately.

As I have said before, the continued association of PRT advocates and PRT vendors with people like Mr. Slade and Mr. Carrato does not look professional.

More advice for the pod promoters; If you are requesting many millions of dollars from taxpayers, it is not good public relations to attempt to intimidate critics.

UPDATE: Mr. Carrato continues to send me emails. I will not publish them. Mr. Caratto has admitted making a false and defamatory statement about me. I urge Mr. Carrato to retract that statement and apologize for that statement and others that he has made. He should do so publicly and stop sending me emails.

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